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OfficeSuite Seat Type comparison fact sheet

Introducing all new seat types for OfficeSuite. Choose from Basic, Standard, or Enhanced seats based on the features your customers need. Best of all, you ...

Windstream Enterprise Brochure
Evolve IP 2019 Q1 SPIFF

Make 2019 the year of the Unicorn with Evolve IP. Check out Evolve IP's HUGE Incentive Program for Q1 2019

Case Study: FIS

Overview MetTel migrated 15,000 mobile devices from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint to one bill, help desk and data pool. MetTel continues to enable and simplify ...

MetTel Case Study
3X MRR for Q1 2019

RingCentral, Inc. SPIFF
2018 Contact Center Survey Highlights Infographic

Find out why 9 in 10 contact center professional plan to evaluate a cloud contact center in the future.

Evolve IP Sell Sheets
2018 Contact Center Trends and Market Landscape Survey Results

Whether you are a new business trying to understand the contact center market, a medium sized business looking for the right technology to enhance your contact ...

Evolve IP Research Report
2018 Contact Center Center Trends and Market Survey Video

Every year Evolve IP conducts a survey of over 163+ contact center professionals to gain insights into top trends and market landscape. This video reveals some ...

Evolve IP Video
Omnichannel Analytics

Find out the benefits of having the best omnichannel analytics.

Evolve IP Blog Article
Nine Omnichannel Challenges to be Aware of

Here are nine challenges to be aware of when approaching the omnichannel challenge.

Evolve IP Blog Article
Case Study: O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts required improved connectivity, Wi-Fi, and increased bandwidth services at all stores throughout the U.S. The company wanted to update ...

MetTel Case Study
Windstream Enterprise January 2019 SPIFF

Start the new year off with a bang by earning up to 7X on strategic solution MRR with Windstream Enterprise - our most competitive SPIFF ever! Download flyer ...

Windstream Enterprise SPIFF
Win International Business Easily, Quickly and Profitably!

Dear Sales Partner, To help you close International WAN projects for 2018, we're offering the below SPIFF as part of our year-end promotional ...

PCCW Global, Inc. SPIFF
Case Study: Le Duff America

Digital transformation increased customer engagement and better brand interaction. Le Duff partnered with MetTel to standardize its telecommunication and ...

MetTel Case Study
CenturyLink Voice and Unified Communications Sell Sheet

CenturyLink Voice and Unified Communications Solutions enable your customers to get the most out of their connections. Download this sell sheet for more ...

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
CenturyLink Voice and Unified Communications Overview Presentation

View this presentation for an overview of CenturyLink's Voice & Unified Communications Solutions.

CenturyLink Presentation
Case Study: Rotech Healthcare

With better devices and connectivity, MetTel empowered Rotech Healthcare with an innovative mobile initiative that increased Rotech’s workforce productivity ...

MetTel Case Study
The Alliance Partners Exceed $1 Million in Monthly Billed Revenue with Evolve IP

Evolve IP is proud to announce that The Alliance Partners group, the largest consortium of IT, telecom and cloud technology distributors in the United States, ...

Evolve IP Press Release
Case Study: City of Phoenix

As one of the most forward-thinking cities in the nation, Phoenix was among the first to adopt smart city technologies, partnering with MetTel to provide their ...

MetTel Case Study
CenturyLink Hybrid Cloud and IT Solutions Sell Sheet

CenturyLink can help customers build a securely connected cloud ecosystem. Download this sell sheet for an overview for Hybrid Cloud & IT Solutions portfolio.

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
CenturyLink Hybrid Cloud and IT Solutions Overview Presentation

Download this presentation for an overview of CenturyLink Hybrid Cloud & IT Solutions.

CenturyLink Presentation
CenturyLink Security Solutions Sell Sheet

CenturyLink securely connects, proactively monitors and proactively defends against constantly evolving security threats. View this sell sheet for an overview ...

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
CenturyLink Security Solutions Overview Presentation

View this presentation for an overview of CenturyLink's portfolio of Security Solutions.

CenturyLink Presentation
CRM Integration

The Evolve IP Hosted Phone platform seamlessly integrates with many leading CRM and business applications, such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zendesk, Google ...

Evolve IP Data Sheet
Evolve IP Cloud Connect / SD-WAN

This recently revised Cloud Connect data sheet includes information on the newly designed cloud connect customer admin portal.

Evolve IP Data Sheet
CenturyLink Networking Solutions Sell Sheet

CenturyLink Networking Solutions connect digital businesses with an array of high performance, flexible and reliable networking solutions. View this sell sheet ...

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
CenturyLink Networking Solutions Overview Presentation

CenturyLink offers an array of networking services, such as SD-WAN, MPLS, Ethernet, and more. Download this presentation to learn more about CenturyLink ...

CenturyLink Presentation
Extended! Easy as 1, 2, 3 SPIFF

8x8 is extending the 8x8 Easy 1,2,3 SPIFF through March 31, 2019 ! Contact your 8x8 Channel Manager for questions.

CenturyLink Solutions Customer Presentation

Download this presentation to learn how CenturyLink’s portfolio of products, services and expertise – delivered as comprehensive solutions – accelerates ...

CenturyLink Presentation
SD-WAN Sell Sheet

This sell sheet describes how CenturyLink’s SD-WAN solution with hybrid connectivity is flexible enough to meet today’s needs, react at a moment’s notice ...

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
Ethernet Solutions Sell Sheet

This sell sheet describes how CenturyLink Ethernet services power secure, high-availability network solutions that enable high-performance voice, video and ...

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
Ethernet Solutions Infographic

This infographic illustrates how CenturyLink Ethernet fuels your customers digital transformations.

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
Adaptive Network Security Sell Sheet

Download this sell sheet for an overview on how CenturyLink Adaptive Network Security defends against attacks with a flexible, multi-layered, network-based ...

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
DDoS Mitigation Services Sell Sheet

This sell sheet provides an overview of how CenturyLink’s DDoS solutions can proactively detect and mitigate the threats of today to help ensure ...

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
Managed Network Services Sell Sheet

This sell sheet describes how CenturyLink Managed Network Services can improve operational and cost efficiencies while simplifying network management.

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
CenturyLink Voice Complete Sell Sheet

View this sell sheet to learn how CenturyLink Voice Complete enables customers to easily connect locations and increase workforce productivity.

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
Cloud Application Manager Sell Sheet

Download this sell sheet for an overview of CenturyLink’s flexible cloud management solution that standardizes how applications are built and deployed across ...

CenturyLink Sell Sheets
Channel Manager Territory Map

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